My Flash Project Proposal…

I am going to be explaining about what I am planning to do for my Flash Project. The project will be based around the Olympics and after carefully researching on ideas on what I can do, I have decided to create a Flash game. The game will be coded in Action Script 3 along with the use of photoshop to create the asthetics such as character art, on screen visuals, backgrounds etc. The chosen game I am going to create flash will be based off an Olympic event, the 100 Meter Hurdles. It will be a 2d game and the players will control the olympic character running and jumping over hurdles. The game will have a timer running and recently in one of my workshop lessons at University, I was shown how to add  a timer.

This also gave me an idea of adding a score sheet or a High Score table at the end of each run the player does. This will keep the fastest time the player has managed to complete the 100m hurdles. The game will be controlled on the keyboard and be using three keys, left arrow, right arrow and the space bar. To make the olympic character run fast, the players must repeatedly tap the left and right arrows and tap the space bar to make the character jump over the hurdles. I am looking to make the game challenging, fun and addictive to play as most of the 2d flash games out there. I have recently been playing Canabalt a flash game available on the web and on the iphone and ipod touch. Some of my influences come from this game as it involves a character running and jumping over roof tops. I am looking to have the same style of animation of the character running and free jumping.


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